12 Most Gratifying Leadership Gifts

Choosing to lead is an act of courage and compassion.

I’m not talking about changing the words that follow your name on a business card. I’m talking about true leadership: serving your team, investing in them, and influencing a group of people to come together and do something greater than they imagined individually.

This kind of authentic leadership is challenging and sometimes it comes with stress and isolation born of passion, commitment, and tough choices.

It’s easy to focus on those challenges and forget the amazing privileges that come with real leadership. To help renew our courage, compassion, and commitment, as the United States celebrates its Thanksgiving holiday, I offer: 12 Most Gratifying Leadership Gifts.

1. Everything anyone does for you is a gift

This is a life-changing leadership truth when you fully comprehend it: Nearly everything people do is a choice.

Your team members don’t have to work with you. They don’t have to give their best effort. They don’t have to get work done when they’re feeling less than 100%.

They don’t have to. They choose to.

Even if they’re not aware they have a choice, as their leader you know they do.

When you show up to your team every day with the full awareness that each of them has chosen to be there, chosen to work along side you, chosen to contribute their talents and time…it changes how you lead, how you serve, and how you draw the best out of every person.

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Photo by Emily Orphin

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