Why Don’t We Lead Better? (It’s Not Your Fault!)

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Good Intentions

Janet sipped her coffee, gathered herself, then looked up.

“I wanted to be a good leader…you know – influence based, focused on people, serving my team…”

She took a breath and continued, “But then, we didn’t meet our sales goals and I…I turned into a monster.”

She set down her mug, looked at her feet, and muttered, “What happened?”

After All This Time

Despite the huge amount of information available to aspiring leaders, we continue to see a regularstream of statistics that suggest we have a long way to go.

Why, with all the training and information available, do employee motivation, customer service, and other key metrics continue to indicate serious leadership deficits?

In your own leadership journey, you can find some of the answer in Janet’s story…as well as keys to improve your leadership and your employees’ motivation and productivity.

It’s Not Your Fault (Really)

I believe there are three main reasons people do not lead as effectively as they could…even when they know better:

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