5 Top Leadership Articles for the Week of January 10th

Each week I read a number of leadership articles from various online resources and share them across social media. Here are the five articles readers found most valuable last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think, too.

You’re Right. Nobody Listens to You – And Here’s Why! by Nick Pipitone

What people hear doesn’t just have to do with what you’re saying; our attention spans are getting smaller, too.

My Comment: In this info graphic, Pipitone shares with us just how harmful our distracted mindsets and poor listening habits can be to productivity, relationship building, information retention, etc.. However, if we use Pipitone’s piece as a resource for knowledge, you can find better solutions, engage more people and combat our poor listening habits.

3 Things the Most Creative Leaders Do by Tom Kelley

How do leaders cultivate and effectively utilize creativity?

My Comment:  While there is nothing wrong with utilizing traditional leadership methods, they may not always yield the most non-traditional and innovative results. In this research based article, Kelley gives us 3 tried- and-true tips to engaging and cultivating creativity. And with no surprise here, these three tips yield new and creative results.

3 Bad Managers who are Actually Awesome by Robert Conrad

The disastrous results of bad management all seem to be shared across the board, regardless of whether the manager in question was an unrelenting bully or obliviously nice. Despite their failings, there are lessons to be learned from these bad managers; especially for leaders who want to know what not to do.

My Comment:  I’ve often believed that poor managers are the very best leadership textbooks life will ever give you. In Robert Conrad’s article, he shares with us the “what not to do’s” of management and helps us understand that there is still something to be learned from all those bad management situations.

5 Ways to Improve Communication during periods of Accelerated Growth by Lily Croll

When a business starts to grow quickly, there are several new problems that often manifest themselves. Improving communication processes may be one of the best ways to help overcome these new issues.

My Comment:  In this in-depth article on helpful communication during transition, Lilly Croll explores 5 ways to help your team be successful. Croll touches on many arenas of communication and tip 5 is a great way to begin thinking about how we learn and innovate.

Creating a pocket of Excellence when you are not the CEO by S. Chris Edmonds

Creating an “organizational constitution” and developing a consistent framework for your team may just be the first step to building and fostering high-performing and values-aligned cultures.

My Comment:  Don’t leave expectations or accountability to chance. When you are clear about expectations and build in accountability, results are more likely produced. In his article, Edmonds emphasizes the importance of such a framework and provides us with a “how-to” guide on creating an organizational constitution that creates alignment and consistency but also, delivers results and helps cultivate value-based cultures.

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