Top Leadership Articles for the Week of January 24th

Note: This week’s edition of top articles is delayed one day because I spent this past weekend in Guatemala where, among other things, my daughter and I back-packed and camped on top of a volcano. We’ll be back to Monday round-ups next week. 2016-01-31 06.35.52

Each week I read a number of leadership articles from various online resources and share them across social media. Here are the five articles readers found most valuable last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think, too.

Are you Lying to Yourself about Your Leadership? by Lolly Daskal

We all try and tend to think well of ourselves. However, there are lies you can tell yourself that may cause self-inflicted harm. For example, you might fear being vulnerable and try protect yourself by isolating yourself from truth you need. The cost of this self-talk can be high. Take a look at this list of 12 common, untruths. If you see yourself in any of them, it may be time to have a leadership heart-to-heart in the mirror.

My Comment:  While it’s not always easy, self-reflection is one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves and our teams.

The Productivity Killers in every Office by Chantal Bechervaise

There is no shortage of things that can decrease productivity in your office. However, blocking every website on the Internet and forcing everyone to work in soundproof cubicles probably isn’t the best way to increase employee efficiency. Instead, consider the connection between workplace design and productivity. Where can you take a look at the design of your office, and see where you can improve your colleagues’ effectiveness?

My Comment:  Curated by Chantal Bechervaise, this informative info-graphic gives you a more practical and non-traditional approach to increasing team productivity and maybe even, improving the aesthetic and feng shui of your offices. Productivity isn’t just how you motivate and cultivate but also – how you decorate 😉

Supervision Means Having to Say…by Julie Giuiloni

Supervisors are the lynchpins in any organization. They are the link between management and the employees who build the products, deliver the services, and take care of the customers day-in and day-out. They are also one of the number one reasons employees give for leaving their organizations. But, it’s not all bad’ and there are those that can help retain employees instead of losing them. These supervisors do so by sending messages of trust, authenticity, candor, and support… and they speak phrases that many other leaders don’t.

My Comment:  Looking for the right thing to say? Want to help support your team, encourage their strengths, foster results and help build relationships?? Then Julie Giuiloni’s will be a great resource for you. Not only is the article relatable, and easy to read, it is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping leaders be honest with themselves and with their teams to get results, build trust and cultivate lasting relationships.

The First 90 Days: Getting Off on the Right Foot by Naphtali Hoff

Just like a new organ transplant in an existing immune system, a new leader must learn to jive with its already existing organization. If cohesion is not reached, the results could be catastrophic. Learn why new leaders’ actions within the first 90 days are some of the most influential actions they’ll ever take.

My Comment:  Hoff demonstrates the importance of mindfulness and intention when taking steps into your new organization. Whether it’s something as small as work-place design or something as big as an organizational structure change, the first 90 days in an organization are some of the most influential. How can you lead with your best foot forward in a new organization?

There Goes that Trust Thing Again by S. Chris Edmonds

Job security and workplace rewards aren’t the only thing employees are looking for these days. Trust plays a big role too. Learn how to cultivate trust in your organizations and see how team processes and results may increase.

My Comment:  In this quick article about work-place trust, Edmonds provides leaders with results-driven, easy and actionable tips to build trust, cultivate it and refine it within your organization.


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