Announcing: Winning Well International Symposium

It’s a busy time here at Winning Well headquarters. After several weeks working with companies from California to Maryland to blend the bottom line with the human spirit, this weekend Karin and I head out for a month in southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing regions, yet nearly two-thirds of its executives say their organizations can’t develop leaders fast enough to capitalize on growth. We’re excited to help bridge this gap and will be launching Winning Well in Malaysia with executives from companies ranging from Starbucks to Ikea. Then we’re off to Singapore to launch Winning Well with  C-level leaders and a keynote program at the HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017. After a few more programs in Singapore and Bangkok (including presenting at the  Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2017 ), we head to Cambodia to visit the clean water Winning Wells we fund in honor of our clients as well as philanthropic work with Together We Can Change the World.

Winning Well International Symposium


What Is The Symposium?

While we’re there, we’ve invited thought leaders from around the world to share their unique Winning Well insights. Every weekday for five weeks, well-established thought leaders, award winning authors and speakers will be sharing their perspectives on the fundamental Winning Well principles of Confidence, Humility, Results, and Relationships–in the form of blog posts, tools, and videos. We’ll also be including video interviews with Winning Well leaders we meet in Asia, as well as Brian Tracy who will also be keynoting at the HR Asia Summit.

We’re delighted to include thought leaders who’ve become dear colleagues and friends throughout our Winning Well journey. We open each post by sharing a bit about how we know each thought leader and conclude with additional reflections on how their work aligns with our Winning Well approach to blending the bottom line with the human spirit.

How Do I Sign Up?

The symposium is FREE, but you have to take action to get it. If you would like to receive the insights “hot off the press” each day as they appear, go to sign up on the sidebar in the top right and you will a daily post every weekday for five weeks. If you choose not to sign up, you’ll receive occasional updates from me. (And I will resume the top five leadership articles in June.)

The symposium offers a great exercise to do with your team.  Why not ask them to read each day’s/week’s post and when you next meet, share their favorite points and how they might be applied in your situation? Take a photo of your discussion group, send it to Beth, and you may see it on our social media feeds!

We encourage conversation and dialogue as we continue to spread our mission of blending the bottom line with the human spirit around the world!

Leadership Speaker David Dye Video

To see David in action, check out this new demo video.

We are currently booking keynotes and corporate training dates for fall 2017 and spring 2018. 

Get your event or corporate leadership development on the calendar and help your leaders transform their results without losing their soul (or mind) in the process. Available for keynotes, deep-dive breakout sessions, and corporate training. Email or call at 303.898.7018

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