AV Requirements

To be his best and make you look awesome, David will need the following for his presentation: 

  • Lectern or 4 to 6 ft. table up front for materials.
  • White easel pad with easel and markers OR 4×6 ft or larger whiteboard and eraseable markers.
  • LCD Projector and Screen (not a wall or white board)
  • Extension cord, depending on distance from the wall.
  • Connections to house audio system if we have more than 30 people. David will use some audio from his computer and tie into the house system. The output will be a 1/8″stereo mini-plug (just like on an Apple iPod or iPad).
  • Lavaliere microphone if more than 30 people are in attendance.
  • Platform / Riser 20’ x 8’ deep for audiences over 100