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Strategic Leadership Workshops

Strategic Advising and Facilitation


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Whether you’re excelling and want to reach the next level or struggling and need to get back on track, we can help. This isn’t pre-packaged ‘squeeze-you-into-our-model’ consulting – we work with you to assess your specific needs and find the critical activities that will make the biggest difference for you, your team, and your results.

We’ll create a competitive human capital strategy with solid plans and tools to implement and sustain your strategy. We’ll work together on a highly customized approach to improve trust, engagement and performance at every level including a systematic approach to diagnose and overcome the biggest roadblocks to leadership success. Get the best people in the right jobs with the confidence, competence and creativity to give you a competitive edge.

David Dye - Business Consulting - Consulting Workshops

“David’s understanding of operations, his ability to streamline implementation, and grasp of leadership development are extraordinary and will go a long way in helping any organization flourish. He is a rare find and has that “gift” to teach others what he knows and inspire them so that those organizations have depth of talent for continued and sustainable successes.”

Didi Fahey, Ph D, Quantitative Research Evaluation & Measurement

Strategic Leadership Workshops

Perfect for leaders, managers, and supervisors who want to:
  • Work with human nature, not against it, for better results and fewer headaches.
  • Energize, motivate, and keep employees focused on results.
  • Cultivate healthy, productive teams and increase employee engagement.
  • Save hours, days, even weeks of lost time.
  • Create a more fluid and situation-appropriate leadership culture.
  • Get the feedback you need to make the best decisions.
  • Build deeper trust and connection with your team.
  • Overcome workplace negativity.
  • Build a confident, competent, and energized workforce.

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David’s strategic leadership workshops are practical, hands-on experiences of deep learning and application. Program Topics include:
  • Setting and Managing Clear Expectations
  • Leading Meetings That Get Results and People Want to Attend
  • Building Drama-Free Accountability
  • How to Solve the Right Problem Quickly
  • How to Delegate so Nothing Falls Through the Crack
  • Get More Done in Less Time
  • Building Confidence and Momentum
  • Getting the Feedback You Need
  • Building Stronger Peer Relationships
  • How to Have a Tough Conversation
  • Impactful Presentations
  • Becoming the Boss You Wish You Had: The Art of Influencing Your Boss
Don't Motivate.


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Strategic Advising and Facilitation

“It takes a certain type of expertise (and energy!) to coordinate the work of 20 or 30 people as they try to envision practical steps to better collaboration. David Dye was amazingly effective in doing this. He built bridges, built confidence, built trust, and did all of that while bringing out the best in everyone present. David was able to keep a very diverse group on task and lead us to concrete results. Kudos! And many thanks.”

Richard Cardillo, Director of Education at National School Climate Center

David is frequently described as the “best facilitator we’ve ever worked with.” He takes the time to get to know you, your team, your organization and what a successful outcome will do for you. Whether a two hour meeting or a three day retreat, he helps you to craft the event that will accomplish exactly what you need.

He’s not a passive observer – he contributes his expertise and years of experience to help your team achieve its objectives. The goal is always to move your team to practical action.

David is an ideal facilitator for:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Thought Leader Collaborations
  • Board Retreats
  • Operational Planning
  • Team Building
  • Focused Problem Solving

“The key to success was the careful planning that David helped develop ahead of the conference. As he listened to our goals and concerns, he skillfully collaborated with our team to create a substantive agenda.

The result was that the conference exceeded our objectives. People left feeling they had both learned much and made a contribution. This is a tribute to David’s top-level abilities to really listen to a diverse group of participants, respond to and categorize comments while keeping the agenda in mind.

David is a highly skilled consultant and facilitator whom we will continue to engage in our work.”

Gary Dixon, President, Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

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The highest performing athletes, artists, and executives invest in coaches to help them perform with excellence.

David provides personalized business and leadership coaching for business owners, executives, and high potential leaders and frontline supervisors. A combination of strategic thinking, skill building, accountability, and encouragement, coaching helps your leaders cement their Winning Well practices, overcome obstacles, and create breakthrough results.

“David is one of those leaders who gives generously of himself so that others can succeed. He is a brilliant coach. His mix of intuition and analysis enables him to ask the right questions to get to the root cause. I know I left our time with plenty to think about! I highly recommend David as a coach, leadership expert.”

Tricia Halsey, Executive Director

Nonprofit Growth

You have an amazing cause. You and your team are passionate about what you do and you want to do more of it.

Unlike many business people who mean well, but don’t understand the cultural and financial realities of the nonprofit world, David is an expert at scaling nonprofit organizations because he’s been there. With over twenty years experience in the nonprofit world as a volunteer, frontline leader, executive, and board member, David has both led and consulted with organizations to help them transform from local to national organizations.

He will help you build the leadership, board, and management infrastructure essential to achieving return on your donors’ investment. You’ll identify the principles that make you successful and how to replicate them as you grow.

“David Dye has proven an able, qualified, contemporary and effective consultant in guiding our educational nonprofit to early success. His nonprofit educational program expertise, strategic thinking and depth of experience makes him a leader in the field of nonprofit building, program design and management. Our nonprofit, client schools and students have greatly benefited from his work with us.”

–  Tim Cleary, Executive Director, Elevate Phoenix