Leadership Programs

David takes pride in fully customizing programs to meet your needs and be relevant to your organization. Some of his most requested programs include:

Winning Well: How to Lead Your Team to the Top without Losing Your Soul (or Your Mind!) 

Today’s leaders face a hyper-competitive environment sandwiched between business realities and the needs of the people they supervise. Without the tools to win well, leaders too often become isolated, frustrated and burnout – in short, they lose their soul. In this inspiring program, your leaders learn how to win well – that is, to sustain excellent performance over time. In order to do that they need energized, motivated people all working together. In this program, your members receive motivating, yet practical tools, tips, and techniques they can use to win well without losing their soul or mind in the process.


How to work with human nature, not against it, for better results and fewer headaches.

Keys to release your employees energy, motivation, and enhance productivity.

The leadership formula for sustained business results in every situation.

7 Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say

Engaged and motivated teams are essential to success. In this interactive presentation, participants will gain specific phrases, tools, and inspiration to cultivate an innovative, responsible, results-oriented team. It doesn’t require buckets of charisma – they just need to hear these seven things.

Participants will discover:

The secret to doubling the productivity of their entire team in just 5 minutes a month.

Ways to dynamically reverse the team's attitude from ``we can't`` to an enthusiastic ``we can`` without threats, large sticks, or begging.

Easy to implement tools to find more time for your work and get more work from your team.

Three keys to build teams stacked with creative problem solvers, not problem-passers.

Two words that instantly build credibility and influence.

Practices to be a leader people respect and want to follow.

Stop Chasing Your Tail: How to Get Aligned and Accountable 

If you’re like most leaders, you struggle with team alignment and accountability. Through meetings and decisions, leaders build teams that achieve meaningful results. During this session, participants will learn clear, specific tools they can use to make their meetings more productive, take less time, and create buy-in. Once aligned to the goals, team members need to hold one another accountable. By the end of this session, participants will have a straightforward process they can follow that will eliminate the need for most of their accountability conversations.


Solve most of your accountability problems before they even happen.

How to address team members when things don't go as planned.

3-step process to reinforce commitments and address the vast majority of poor performance.

Maintain your equanimity while refocusing team members on what matters most.

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