Leadership inspiration that works.

Breakthrough results without losing your soul with award-winning leadership author, former executive, and elected official.

David is an excellent opening or mid-event keynote leadership speaker who will set the stage for your conference, get people thinking differently about how they interact and influence one another, and achieve transformational results. He combines stories and humor with practical wisdom that your attendees can walk out of the room and immediately apply.

“David was dynamic and engaging. The audience was actively participating and feeding off of his energy. David is definitely one of the top 10 speakers that I’ve heard in my 40+ years. I would highly recommend David to speak at any event seeking interaction, practical knowledge and relevant application for any organization.”

Roy Burton, CGFM, PMP, CABM, Chief Financial Officer, PMIWDC, Assistant Director, Treasury Inspector General

David’s most frequently requested programs:

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How to Motivate Your Team with a Meaningful Why
Winning Well: How to Lead Your Team to the Top Without Losing Your Soul (or Your Mind!)

Today’s leaders face a hyper-competitive environment sandwiched between business realities and the needs of the people they supervise. Without the tools to win well, leaders too often become isolated, frustrated, and burnout – in short, they lose their soul. In this inspiring program, your leaders learn how to win well – that is, to sustain excellent performance over time. In order to do that they need energized, motivated people all working together. In this program, your members receive motivating, yet practical tools, tips and techniques they can use to win well without losing their soul or their mind in the process.

7 Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say

Engaged and motivated teams are essential to the success of every organization. In this presentation, managers, supervisors, and directors will receive tools to cultivate innovative, responsible, results-oriented teams. It doesn’t require buckets of charisma — teams just need to hear these seven things from their leaders.

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How to Have More Influence Through Confidence and Humility
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Help Your Team Solve Problems and Get More Done - Leadership Speaker David Dye
Stop Chasing Your Tail:
How to Get Aligned and Accountable

If you’re like most leaders, you struggle with team alignment and accountability. Through meetings and decisions, leaders build teams that achieve meaningful results. During this session, David will provide clear, specific tools you can use to make your meetings more productive, take less time, and create buy-in. Once you’ve aligned people to the goals, you will need to hold one another accountable. David shares a straightforward process that will eliminate the need for most of your accountability conversations.

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“This program was helpful because it offered ideas that were very attainable. I left thinking, ‘that’s pretty simple, I can DO that!”

Steve Castleberry, Public Works Director, Nevada County, California

Book David at your next event for a leadership speaker who will:

Inspire your audience.

Challenge and equip leaders to bring out the best from their teams.

Increase productivity and deliver results.

Enhance team ownership and engagement.

Retain your talent.

Ignite leaders at every level to make a difference.

Decrease stress and wasted effort.

Encourage and motivate leaders.

“We found David to be a brilliant, fantastic and professional speaker who we would recommend to any company that is looking for one of the world’s most exciting speakers.”

Rovaida Kazmi, Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Saudi Arabia

5 Reasons to have David Speak for you:
He Does His Homework

David works hard to customize presentations to meet your specific needs. You’ll get fresh, relevant content to help you accomplish your mission.

Immediate Impact

In addition to tailored content to meet your needs, David provides specific practical actions your audience can implement right away.

He Provides Hope

David strongly believes that motivated skilled leaders can change the world and inspires audiences to blaze a trail from their values and beliefs.

Real-world Knowledge

David spent twenty years working in the nonprofit and public service sectors where leadership influence is essential to success.

Compelling Presentations

In addition to uplifting, relevant, real-world content, David engages the audience and speaks in a direct style to motivate immediate action.

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