Little Bits of Learning on the Way to Winning Well

Become-a-Better-Boss-One-Tip-at-a-Time-CoverI’m often asked by readers and clients about how to get the most benefit from Winning Well. Today, I’m honored to that Wally Bock from Three Star Leadership has shared his suggestions for how to make the most of Winning Well. I love his suggestions!

You don’t want to miss Wally’s new ebook: Become a Better Boss – One Tip at a TimeWith more than 300 actionable tips and great bonus resources, it’s a fantastic way to enhance your leadership and help your developing leaders in easy bite-size, digestible, chunks.

We human beings learn best when we face a real-world challenge and when we have learning resources we can tap into easily and quickly. You can read Winning Well straight through like most business books and get a lot of value, but there’s another way to use the book for even more helpful learning.

Dip into Winning Well when you face a new or daunting challenge. Just scan the table of contents to find help. There are chapters on how to keep you focused and making business decisions and delegating well and more.

Make Winning Well Your Field Manual

Military organizations use field manuals to make sure that there’s plenty of how-to information available in the field when problems arise. Winning Well can be a field manual for you in your day-to-day work. Here’s how to get the most from your field manual.

Copy the Table of Contents

Make a copy of the table of contents and keep it nearby when you’re working. When you come up against a puzzling problem or something you want to know more about, check the table of contents to see if there might be a solution in Winning Well. Then open the book and learn the specific thing you need to learn right then. Search the index for keywords related to your challenge.

Put Winning Well at The Center of Your Personal Development

Experience may be the best teacher, but you can help experience teach you more with just a little bit of planning and reflection. Winning Well can be a key part of that. Pick something that you want to do better. Then find the specific part of Winning Well that’s got lessons you want to learn. Tease out two or three micro-learning points.

Once you’ve got those learning points, you can try to work on one of them each day. Pick one the night before and write it on an index card to help you. You can also make notes on your smartphone if you prefer.

During the day refer to your note and try to improve just that one small bit of your performance. At the end of the day, reflect on how you did and how you could do better. Then pick a micro-learning point for the next day.

Bottom Line

Make Winning Well your field manual for success. Copy the table of contents and keep it handy. Tease out micro-learning points in areas you want to improve. Try to improve just one every day. If you’d like another resource, check out my book, Become A Better Boss One Tip at a Time with 347 ways to get just a little better.

-Wally Bock


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