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Radio Interview with Kevin Price, Price of Business, AM 1110 in Houston on building teams and motivating employees:

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Switched On Leadership Magazine

15 Tips Every Leader Needs to Know | Whether you are new to leadership or a veteran looking to build on a strong foundation, there are fifteen tips I learned (and relearned!) early in my leadership journey.


Interview with South Africa’s The Legacy Project

My Definition Of Success | For me, success means helping other people. Success includes living life in alignment with my values and knowing that I’ve made the world a better place.


Realizing Leadership – Get Out of Your Way

Sometimes, you are your own stumbling block. Are you blaming external or irrelevant factors when you’re challenged? Achieve the results you want by putting your focus where it really counts.


Realizing Leadership – How to Lead Peers
Along with the new challenges and opportunities you face when you’re promoted, you also have to consider the impact on relationships you already have with your friends. When you’re in a new leadership position, that makes you the supervisor of those who were your peers only the day before. The nature of your relationship changes and it’s up to you to help your new staff and peers adapt to a new working relationship.


SOLD Sales Execs 17 Truths You Can’t Avoid If You Want to Stay Relevant, Effective, and Connected
Organizations that stay relevant, effective, and connected do one vital thing consistently to avoid decay and irrelevancy. These 17 truths will keep your organization healthy, relevant, and effective.


SOLD Sales Execs: Leadership Results (And Stop the Zombie Apocolypse)
Your results depend on your people. Does your team resemble the walking dead? If your people are disheartened and have quite trying, that’s on you. Transform your team by prioritizing the four P’s of leadership motivation!These leadership articles are free to download and share. Please take a moment to invest in someone else’s success!

10 Questions to Ask When No One Will Listen
One of the most challenging leadership experiences you can have is to feel like no one’s listening. You make recommendations, but are ignored. You share a passionate vision, and are met with chirping crickets. How you handle these moments is vitally important. Learn from them and your effectiveness skyrockets, but if you become so frustrated that you rely on fear or power, your credibility will vanish. Here are 10 questions to ask when you feel like your team is not listening.

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