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Join David as he shares practical, quick solutions that will forge your team into a productivity powerhouse. With these tips, tactics, and techniques, you can energize and inspire your team, get more done, and sustain excellent performance. Learn how to reclaim your time, reduce your frustration, and become a leader people respect and want to work for. Foster an environment that brings out the best in your team and discover how incredibly rewarding management can be!

In 3 minutes a day, this program helps you achieve higher performance with your team. Each day for one month an inspiring video is delivered to your inbox. Along with the inspiration you get one specific step to take each day and a dashboard to track your progress.

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Winning Well eCourse

The authors of Winning Well: How to Get Results without Losing Your Soul, have brought the book to you in an interactive learning experience. This course will walk you through the four types of leaders from the Winning Well Model – Users, Pleasers, Gamers, and the Winning Well Manager – and prepare you with valuable resources like The Trust Inventory, How to Hold Great Skip Level Meetings, and the Winning Well Meeting Checklist. This course, with it’s dynamic, multimedia content, will prepare you with the wisdom and resources to create change and start winning today!

The eCourse is perfect for leadership teams who want to start Winning Well right away. Contact us for group pricing.

Obstacles to Opportunities eCourse

Confidence. Inspiration. Productivity.

Do you ever feel like you’re barely holding on? Are you
frustrated with your team and you can’t understand why they won’t get things done? Are you working longer and harder, but feel like you get less and less done?

Maybe to your boss, your colleagues, or your team, you work hard to look like you’ve got your act together but on the inside, you know the reality. Stress, anxiety, and problems you just don’t how to solve.

Every leader knows that leadership is loaded with challenges. Some of these challenges are predictable. Others come out of the blue. None of them are easy.

If you ever feel this way, I’ve got some good news. You’re not alone – But the better news is that it doesn’t have to be this way…

Imagine if your team were 20, 30, or even 50% more productive than they are now. What would it mean for your credibility and influence if you had the confidence to talk about anything with anyone – from anywhere in the organization?

Obstacles to Opportunities is a self-paced, online, on-demand training program featuring content from internationally-recognized leadership experts.

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You’ll Receive:
  • Module 1: How to Make Meetings Work for You and Your Team
  • Module 2: How to Get the Confidence to Inspire Your Team
  • Module 3: Just Say It: How to Make the Most Difficult Conversations Easy
  • Module 4: Stop Running Yourself Into the Ground
  • Module 5: The Secret to Successful Virtual Teams
  • Module 6: How to Overcome an Imperfect Boss
  • Module 7: How to Motivate Your Team When You Don’t Set the Goals